Saturday, November 17, 2007

It's that time of year again. Christmas, Kwanzaa, and Hanukkah are right around the corner.

It's all about giving and getting at the tail end of the year, and there's nothing better than the gift of music when you've locked yourself in the bathroom, drinking and crying in the bathtub because your family is so very very awful. Wait, where was I? Oh yeah - get yourself one of those shower music machines that all the kids have these days, throw in your new awesome Sportsfilter CDs, and when you inevitably start rocking back and forth, all of the sudden you'll be ROCKING back and forth - SpofiStyle. Holiday!

There are no rules. Guidelines, though:

1) You make four copies of a rockin' mix CD, with the tunes of your own choosing.
2) You send these CDs to four people.
3) At the same time, four people send you a rockin' CD.
4) Potvin sucks.
5) Enjoy your new music.

Last year we learned that French rap is surprisingly good, rednecks have developed guitar technology, and that there is an island north of Australia. Who knew?

Email your name, address, and spofi alias to if you're interested, and you'll be teamed up with four other jerks with whom you will exchange music.

Signup deadline is 11/30/07, and let's say we send our CDs out by 01/05/08. If you sign up for the swap and you don't send out your music, I know a guy who will punch you in your faces. Last year no one had to be face-punched, and frankly the guy I know was a little disappointed. He's not a bad guy, exactly, it's just that face-punching is all he knows. Don't give him a reason, people.

P.S. - If you don't want to exchange CDs with people who live in another country, let us know. Sending a parcel overseas can be pricy, and if it's an issue for you, you'd probably be better served spending that extra buck fifty on resurfacing the dirt floor in your straw hut.